To our users on Ritatrip

Here we outline what kind of platform Ritatrip aims to be and what we anticipate from you as a user.

Aiming to be “a place brimming with Rita”

Our vision is to create a world where anyone can enjoy Ritatrips.

A world where people suffering from poverty and hunger now can travel the globe in thefuture, see different cultures and natural wonders, enjoy local cuisines, and make pricelessmemories. A world where you can travel to regions once known as poverty-stricken, receiveRita support from locals, make connections, immerse yourself in different cultures, and live the extraordinary.

A world where Ritatrips bring joy to all.

We want to see such a future. We want to create such a future.

To make that happen, we aspire to make the Ritatrip Q&A community “a place brimming with Rita.”

What we anticipate from you as a user

At “a place brimming with Rita,” people can listen to the opinions of others and act selflessly for them. People can connect with others with consideration and a smile.
We want to make this a reality. To that end, the following are some things we at Ritatrip anticipate from our users.

Put others first

We hope that our users on Ritatrip are people who wish and act for the best of others before themselves.

Even if something won’t benefit you, actively communicate with and support others, just so you can see them smile.

If someone makes you happy or you benefit from their help, try to pay it forward.

Always have fun

We hope that international travelers will utilize Ritatrip to gather information and enjoy everything Japan has to offer. Your hospitable supporters will devotedly provide you with answers and help you on your way.

On the other hand, supporters should have fun replying. You don’t have to strain to try and help others. Your everyday life can be fascinating for international travelers, and there are people who will find value in your knowledge. Enjoy the communication with those people.

For your safety and security

It’s essential that everyone cooperates to make Ritatrip a safe and secure place for all. If you find any inappropriate posts or actions, kindly let us know through the contact form.
Posts including personal information, anything illegal, harmful links, and unpleasant or offensive content will be restricted.

Measures such as deletion of content may be taken if a user violates the Terms and Conditions.

A final word

We at Ritatrip want to create a “place brimming with Rita” with you and see a world where anyone can enjoy compassionate Ritatrips.

If you have any comments or concerns, let us know through the

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