How is a post translated?

Ritatrip uses Google’s translation feature. Google Translate uses a machine-learning algorithm called a neural network to analyze natural sentence structures and translate. Still, it can return substandard results based on how something is written or its content. To get the most accurate translations, try to be conscious of the following points when posting.

Write short and simple sentences

The key to concise writing is “one message per sentence.” When a sentence has only one message to convey, it naturally becomes shorter and easier to understand.

Use correct grammar

Using correct grammar is crucial. Poor grammar leads to mistranslations, which in turn can lead to your post not being correctly understood.

Include a subject and a predicate

You can often understand Japanese without a subject, but sentences without a subject or predicate can be mistranslated in English. Including “who did what” in your sentence will improve translation quality.

Add a supplementary sentence to proper nouns

Proper nouns often get mistranslated. Try adding simple words or supplementary sentences to explain the proper noun.

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