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Ask Japanese Locals
Ritatrip app connects foreign tourists with local people’s thoughtfulness.
Post any comments or concerns about Japan Travel
Use this app to post any questions or concerns for traveling around Japan, and you will receive replies from locals living all throughout Japan. The app comes with an automatic translation function, so you can even post in English.
Tips for Great Answers
Anyone with an account can donate a small amount of money for helpful answers, even if you didn’t ask the question yourself.
Support Children Who Need It
Supporters who receive tips will donate a portion of their tips to NGOs/NPOs and other organizations that support children in developing countries.
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Compassionate trips for all
International travelers: Ask about any questions or worries you may have. Here you’ll be able to obtain information that can’t be found in guidebooks or review sites. Supporters: Share the appeal of Japanese culture and your hometown. Value can be found in the knowledge you take for granted.